We are the PSA (Pasadena SEO Agency).

As a Digital Marketing Company, we mainly deliver revenue-generating marketing solutions.

Pasadena SEO Agency has established itself as a leading force in digital marketing thanks to a dedicated team of in-house SEO experts. Recognized as the premier SEO service company in Pasadena, they have seamlessly integrated their expertise to stand out in the industry.

SEO services are an integral part of digital marketing. With over nine years of experience, we proved Pasadena’s leading agency. Our team of experts, content writers, web designers, and many other professionals that we have has helped us establish our name in the digital marketing industry. We are not limited to any particular region, as you can avail of our professional services in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Why Choose PSA?

PSA is the subsidiary company of the leading global Digital Marketing Company, The Soft Hub. We believe in our services that offer visible results based on real-time performance. With the fastest turnaround time, we help you swiftly cross the digital marketing sea. Other than that, the following attributes make us the right choice for your business. Have a look at these;


Since the beginning, we have never compromised on any service we offer. We have made it to the top SEO services companies within a few years; this speaks for our hard work and commitment.

Affordable Services

Experience exceptional services with affordable packages that help you know the real ROIs. We help you keep track of your marketing performance by determining KPIs.

We act as an extension

Our team of experts works 24/7 with you just as your team. Together we work to make your business the huge success it needs and deserves.

Visible growth

Our team plans and creates strategies that are out-come driven. All the digital marketing solutions are planned so your business experience visible growth.

Team of experts at your service

We have a highly professional and skilled team; they know the digital market’s demands well and serve their customers accordingly.